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Vehicle exhaust extraction

Plymovent supplies system solutions that extract hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions from a variety of vehicle types in fire stations, service garages, automobile plants, emergency service stations, and more. We have installed over 50,000 source capture systems for removal of diesel exhaust in fire stations across the world.

As a proven industry leader, Plymovent provides solutions to properly ventilate your facility. Our energy management solutions minimize the energy required to operate the air handling and ventilation systems in your facility.

Plymovent knows one system doesn’t fit all. Whether installing a system into an existing facility or building a new one, our experienced staff is ready to develop a custom-tailored system that meets process and building requirements specific to your facility. Our team will work one-on-one with your designers and construction managers to ensure the right system is in place and the safety codes have been followed. This is a cost-effective approach that ensures clean air in your working environment.

Welding and cutting fume extraction

We achieve effective elimination of welding fumes with ultra-modern fume extraction hoods, source extraction systems, general filtration and filter systems.

And successfully!

Workplaces in the metalworking industry have to contend with all manner of pollutants, including welding fumes and grinding dust. Welders and other employees in the immediate vicinity are exposed to these air pollutants on a continuous basis. Protective measures are, therefore, extremely important and stringent international standards have been established to make the protection of health compulsory.

Welding fumes, small particles and residues of molten metal must be effectively eliminated by efficient extraction and filtration systems. This helps to improve the work environment and boost the performance of your team. In turn, you get an immediate productivity increase and a reduction in downtime due to illness.

A certain sequence of implementation is needed to ensure compliance with the international standards, and only when one measure cannot be implemented or if that measure is merely a partial solution can the next measure be taken. As such, there is often a wide range of precautions in place to help prevent risks to health.

  • Reduction and avoidance of welding fumes
  • Source extraction of welding fumes
  • Separation of welding fume sources and employees with automatically-controlled extraction hoods
  • General filtration
  • Personal protective equipment

Oil mist extraction

It is also important to take steps to counter the risks to health from oil mist and oil fumes. These are produced during the machining process when coolants and lubricants are used on workpieces. If inhaled by employees, oil mist and oil fumes can cause serious damage to the lungs. And it’s not just the health of your employees that’s important, the lifespan of your machines and tools can also benefit from effective elimination of oil mist.

Remove The Fume

Remove The Fume is our webshop for industrial products and provides high-quality solutions with fume extraction products that remove welding & cutting fumes, grinding dust for metalworking fabrication and welding. Affordable pricing with an easy online transaction and FREE SHIPPING delivery across North America. Our products contribute significantly to a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace.