About Plymovent

At Plymovent, we know the dangers of exposure to hazardous exhaust fumes. Exposure to hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions can cause serious health problems for you and your employees. The most efficient way to combat that exposure is to capture the exhaust fumes at the source and eliminate contact with harmful pollutants. With over 45 years of experience, Plymovent source capture systems remove the hazardous emissions at the source, providing a healthy and safe working environment.

High-quality exhaust removal systems are recommended to make sure that legal exposure limits are not exceeded. Plymovent offers various systems that capture, extract and remove gas and diesel exhaust emissions, creating a cleaner and healthier work environment for your personnel.

From existing, to new facilities, our range of products and system solutions covers it all. Contact us to find out what a genuine commitment to customers really means.

Leading manufacturer

Plymovent is a leading manufacturer of devices and systems and a provider of services for extraction and filtration of polluted air in workplaces. We offer solutions for the elimination of welding and cutting fumes produced during work processes in the metalworking industry, as well as competent solutions for grinding dust and oil mist. We can also offer special management strategies for the capture and elimination of vehicle exhaust gases.

We are proud that are products contribute to cleaner, safer and healthier workplaces around the world.

Worldwide network

Plymovent has worldwide representation. In addition to our production sites in Alkmaar (Netherlands), Chiang Mai (Thailand) and Cranbury (NJ, USA), we also maintain sales branches in Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. We also maintain a close-knit network of 85 authorized sales partners worldwide.

Cleaner air in the workplace

We have a tendency to take clean air for granted. But in the workplace, things are often very different, with both visible and invisible air pollutants such as welding fumes, oil mist, vehicle exhaust gases and dust posing a not insignificant risk to health.

Awareness of these hazards has grown steadily in recent years, increasing in importance in our working environment and our lives in general. Plymovent consider it a duty to ensure that its customers enjoy clean, safe and healthy working environments.

Plymovent creates clean air. We help ensure clean air in workplaces worldwide with our products, systems and services. Our outstanding products also actively contribute to environmental protection. Our commitment to our customers and in particular, our specialist expertise amassed over four decades, allow us to offer services that are carefully tailored to the circumstances.’